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Well, indeed, the lack of action on this forum is disheartening. Even I don't really visit anymore.


The questions I have now are:
- will there be a Start Collecting! and what will it contain?
- which minis to get now before they vanish like the Skullvane Manse?
- what about the other Elf factions? Will they get an update too and when?

In the past there were times when I would have had a good grip on the facts concerning these questions thanks to the esteemed rumorpeople, but alas, these days we are left in the dark. It's the Dark Age of Warhammer indeed.
GW wants to sell, start collecting boxes come late. Since there already was a start collecting box, but it does not seem to be listed as such. So going by the sky dwarfs, the box will be around about a year after a faction gets released. Contents are pure random and mostly useless for gaming like the old army boxes.

I have no idea what will go. I do know that I filled in an official questionnaire by GW on what old models to re-release. That never happened, and is too long ago for me to have hope. As a hoarder of miniatures, my advice is to just get what you paint next. There is so many released by many companies these days that makes for great stand ins. There simply is no need to rush.

From what I saw there should be a second release later on, most likely the new Malekith (M...arion or whatever he is called now) and shadow elves.