GW financials

There used to be discussions about this. My layman's interpretation is that GW is doing very well at ripping off customers.

I am no longer a GW customer, but that is still my point of view. Prices go up up up and profit is way up. I did not compare this to any release of a new 40k edition, so this might be normal. Even so, if revenue is up by 38M (53%) and profit pre-royalties receivable goes up by 24.1M (230%) then my simple math tells me that as a customer I would get severely overcharged.

Tell me where my math goes wrong.

PS: Seems a lot of risk potential is seen with IT.

PPS: I do not mind GW making new and exciting stuff, it just happens that it does not excite me. That does not mean I hate GW, I don't. Since I am not GW and care about what I get from it, that is the only angle I look at this.