Here, take a look at this:

It is on the beta version of its 2.0 edition. Community driven, free-to-play, with decent numbers and a lot of us waiting until they release a stable version in the near future so we can keep playing with our old WHFB armies.

Stable version? Anything done by committee will probably never be stable, or quite right, but I wish them well. It was a magnificent effort. In the 2 nearest cities, I have yet to see Aos or Warmahordes played, though they are sold by both these FLGSs. MTG and Pokémon by the score, a couple of small groups of young men maybe 4 decades my junior playing 40k with unpainted models...nobody has even mentioned T9A. A few speak of Warhammer...wistfully, but without the support of a manufacturer it looks doubtful. Still, if I can find a group that plays T9A within a 100 miles and they're not tools, and they want another player, I'm in!