Why be ashamed if you had fun?

I do not trust GW to make a balanced game, it is a sales tool and I accept that. Of course as a potential customer I have different expectations and some companies actually try to please customers. I know many think GW has changed, they did not. Same old just wrapped up pretty.

Mierce's Darklands has build up a product line way larger than I ever expected. Beautiful miniatures for sure but I am one of those people treated badly by Rob when Maelstrom Games had a sale just before going belly up. It's a personal thing, I won't touch it.

Para Bellum has good reviews so far. I am a bit iffy about the scale, the story is fresh enough for sure. Miniatures look good and I think it will have it's chance.

From the USA there is this app now, GameFor. T9A has a player's map as well, which is helps finding people even if it is not for T9A.