"Another option would be YOU to be the one introducing people to the game."

I actually am beginning to think this a greater idea than people who have suggested it to me think. I had this point driven home to me today. An eager young man 5 decades my junior was looking for someone just to be friendly and play a game for fun. We just talked 40k and fantasy but it was like being adopted. I have already met two FLGS managers in my business travels who are amenable to this idea.

I don't know what route my fantasy travails will take...I even regret to admit I am thinking of playing 8th ed. 40k...which actually does seem an improvement but of course GW is already muddying the waters with Primaris marines and new codexes. Ah, well...but I will take a run at one of your books and if you hammer out a hardcopy of your rules you are satisfied with, let me know. I will buy a copy.