@dragonbreath: Thank you, as well! Cheers.

Agreed, enmity shouldn't be a part of this hobby. Never saw the point of it, so was slightly taken aback by surprise at the sheer levels unleashed by Warhammer's official axing. Ah, well, human nature. I never followed the company whip closely, but followed the many parts of the Warhammer world I liked, and ignored the warts that didn't suit my tastes or was just not good, like the End Times' result. If anyone asks me, Warhammer is alive and well, too good to die. And judging by the success and polish of Total Warhammer, Creative Assembly and its customers would appear to agree. Expecting the Warhammer Fantasy world to return in some miniature game form or another in due time, because if there is money to milk from it, it can never truly be dead.

@Commissar Vaughn: Oathmark is indeed true to Dark Ages and Tolkien style. A refreshing breath of air amid the lots of fantasy worlds that have all increased their tech level through the recent decades. Both Warcraft and in an odd way also Warhammer has entered magitech territory, akin to Treasure Planet. Seems a pretty charming niche, though not one I'm much appealed by. Still, many AoS models do look tasty, not least the Steampunk Dwarves (perfect Squat material!).