I tried this threaded view a bit. When you look at a project log, you always start on the first post unless using the latest posts hot bar. Most of us do not use the first post to give an overview of the content. Images are often the only thing people look at, having a sticky on how to start and maintain a project log effectively would be nice.

When opening a bookmark to say page 4 of a plog, you will get redirected to that page upon login. Without login you see the first post. So again whatever is in the first post matters a lot when you try redirecting to Warseer from an other location. It makes it a bit hard to link to posts in other threads for the purpose of a discussion.

This is just my experience, the forum of T9A is very badly accessible. To read any post on current developments you need to have an account or see something interesting in the top 10 threads. I guess it is used to lure me to log in, it worked, I signed up. And then I saw the total chaos there and kind of have not logged in since. I am assuming this threaded view is to make more people to sign up, without setting up proper initial "free" views that actually lure people in, that will not work
The way plogs were handled has changed over the time on Warseer, with the new view a lot of old plogs loose their appeal and lure potential.