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Thread: About the Star Wars prequels (yeah, I know)

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    About the Star Wars prequels (yeah, I know)

    In the hopes of slightly reviving this forum, I would like to see a discussion about Star Wars Episode I-III. Yes, I know it is a highly divisive topic and everyone has their own opinion as to why they do or don't suck. The internet is full with rants about it. So rather than adding another superfluous venting thread, I would rather restrict discussion to points that can be objectively rated. There are a lot of arguments that I have trouble understanding. I can see that the movies have some issues, but it's not like the original movies were entirely devoid of them, either.

    One common complaint is that the acting is supposedly bad. But when I saw the movies it didn't really stand out to me. Well I am no actor, so I am not qualified to assess other people's acting skills. Are there any professional criteria that you can use to describe acting as good or bad, and how do they apply to the prequels. Interestingly it is especially the various Anakins who catch a lot of fire for their performances. At least in the first movie I think one has to keep in mind that the actor is a small child and his acting skills would be accordingly limited. If his performance is indeed so bad then I would rather hold the director responsible who either didn't instruct him properly or simply cast the role wrong.

    Another complaint is that the writing is apparently bad. Again I have trouble understanding why. Of course it is not Shakespearian, but then again no one really expected this, no? I have spent a lot of time marveling at quotes that are allegedly bad, but again I don't really get their apparent badness. Okay, you have Anakin talking about sand. That's kind of trivial. But then again Anakin isn't a highly sophisticated, intellectual prince, he's an ex-slave from a desert planet. He's sharing his perception of the world with us. Isn't this sand quote something a lot of us would say too, just to break an awkward moment of silence, just to say something rather than remain mute? Most things people say are actually rather trivial and inconsequential, like talking about the weather and so on. Talking is a way of socially interacting just as much as sharing information or giving inspiring speeches about the Force. I don't know why people expect these characters to be any different, like Yoda never said anything that didn't have deep transcendental meaning. When he orders some fries at McDonalds I'm pretty sure he does it the same way as the rest of us. However I must admit I'm not a native speaker so my "bad dialogue gauge" probably isn't working too well in this case. So again are there any objective criteria that can be applied to the writing of these controversial scenes that solidify their status as bad?

    I'm looking forward to hearing Warseer's take on these (and possibly other) issues. The point is, rather than shouting "the acting is bad", or "the writing is bad", and then going at each other's throat, we will look at these issues and try to formulate why they are bad, if they are. This is what 99% of the other threads on this topic lack.
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