I want to throw a flag for the sequels being brought into this discussion, but I'll be content with a warning for now.

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Snoke's background is indeed as blank as Palpatine's before the prequels, but this time there is more need for background hints than in the originals' case.
The structure of the original trilogy did not require detailed background for most of the characters as they were relatable archetypes. Dark Vader was a cool bad guy with a shadowy past and the Emperor was his ultimate master.

All we needed to know for the story to work was that Vader had once been a good man and that the Emperor in his rise to power had "flipped" Anakin to evil. Luke's task is to redeem him, pure and simple. At the most basic level, he's trying to get his father back and save the galaxy at the same time. In that quest, the Emperor doesn't need a huge amount of detail.

However, the entire point of the sequels were to flesh out Anakin's past and how it was that he fell from grace. This it spectacularly failed to do. The plot is nonsensical and the characters have zero depth. Where are Padme's parents? Leia's were killed on Alderaan (convenient, but hey, it's solved). Leia was to the manor born but spunky. Padme was built almost entirely of wood (but not sand, because its hard and gritty and gets eeeeverywhere ).

The originals were also picking up a tale in its middle, and then filling out just enough of the background to make it interesting. The prequels are supposed to start from the beginning and go somewhere, but they don't really go anywhere and their culminating conflict pits robots against clones - perhaps the least dramatically compelling match-up in history.

I'm not going to address the sequels because after 7, I stopped caring about them. The Force Awakens was so awful, so stupid, so senseless that I couldn't be bothered to watch Super Girl smash what fragments remained of the original trilogy.

And that's basically my point. The recent films have systematically destroyed every interesting element of the galaxy. The Force is a blood condition. Anakin is a whiny brat with a thing for older girls and the judgement of a rutabega.

The emperor cackles. A lot.

And the Jedi are absolute idiots. They fail at everything, repeatedly.

When I finally started writing my book, I cranked out 20,000 words in the first week. That became the outline for Man of Destiny (guess who he is!) and it was basically a primal howl about all the missed opportunities for dramatic tension and character development.

As I said above, to properly demonstrate all that is wrong with the prequels, I had to write four books. I'm told they are pretty good. One guy even said I "fixed Star Wars." It sure needs it.