So a couple of days ago I said I would do a miniature review of the new miniatures part work.

Issue 1 of Warhammer 40,000 Conquest is sold on a large card backing board, that slightly larger than A3, the magazine aspects are displayed on one side and the gaming aspects adjacent to them, the reverse is action packed full colour, very briefly explaining the magazine, the game and the universe.

I'll rush through the gaming elements first, as there is probably less to be said there...

First of all you have 3 Space Marine Primaris Intercessors, easy to assemble, each one is in Ultramarine Blue plastic and come in 6 parts. Now looking through the website, these appear to be the same models that are packaged elsewhere as Easy to Build: Primaris Space Marine Intercessors, the First Strike starter set and the Imperial Starter paint set. They are nice looking and very easy to stick together.
Then the paints, this amazed me, but I am but a simple TEDS, full sized paint pots. I was expecting the 3ml pots in the starter paint sets, but these are the full 12 ml pots, one each of Macragge Blue, Abaddon Black and Balthazar Gold.
And a GW Starter Brush.
Not bad for £1.99, I reckon this lot would be £21.15 if you bought it all separately.

The magazine elements...
Well there is a flyer so you can reserve the magazine at the news agent, showing the covers of issues 1 - 4.
A leaflet showing what you get when you subscribe (issue 3 for free, a ring binder - which will be useful, a mug, marine chapter poster, painting handle and art book, basically a gift of some sort every other month until delivery #9).
Then there is a poster kind of thing, which has about the same information as was printed on the card backing board, with a bit more info on issue 2 on the reverse. The poster itself is A1 in size and shows a Primaris marine standing menacingly over some dead gribbly, a nice bit of art to be honest. I'd have probably stuck it to my bedroom wall when I was 14.

The main event, so now we find out why the binder that subscribers get is useful, the magazine is hole punched and very lightly bound, just gum down one side keeping the pages together. This is probably deliberate, as it means you can file the different sections appropriately in a ring binder.
The magazine is colour coded - red pages for background(COLLECT), blue for assembly instructions(BUILD), yellow for painting(PAINT) and green for gaming(PLAY).
The red section is the biggest in this issue, the are 4 printed sides on the in game history of 40K, introducing The Emperor and The Dark Millennium and a couple The Heresy. The same on Space marines, a couple of pages about them generally and a couple about The Ultramarines. A couple of sides on The Battle for Luna and Intercessors finishes off the fluff section. The numbering of the pages is odd, obviously as the part work builds up other sections should slip in between these, so that you'll have an ever increasing section on significant battles, space marine chapters, troop types etc.

The blue page basically shows how to remove models from sprues and how to assemble the three Intercessor that came in this issue.

The yellow, paint section explains the basic principles of painting, how to hold a brush etc, then there is an almost paint by numbers approach to painting the Intercessors - now, personally I'm a terrible painter, so I love this sort of thing and usually get a better result painting this way. But as yet the magazine has only come with three paints, so by the end of it your helmetless marine sergeant looks a bit like Grand Admiral Thrawn with his blue skin and black hair. The section ends by saying your figures are ready for action, but that we'll come back to them when we have extra colours, I know Sergeant Decius is looking forward to the Bugman's Glow that comes with Issue 4.

The gaming section is pretty much worthless, a paragraph explaining that the game is great fun and a mission briefing "to be continued...", as issue 2 comes with a few dice, I assume the gaming basics will be introduced then, when Decius and his squad get some Plague Marines to fight against.

I have to admit now, I have actually subscribed, the magazine is very lightweight, but I've been out of the hobby for a few years, so this seems like a nice way to ease back into it.