GW are launching a new foray into partworks in association with Hachette.

It looks potentially interesting. The first issue is only £1.99, with £25 or so of models, paints etc. Issue 2 is £4.99 and then after that each issue is £7.99.

Supposedly each issue will come with easy-to-build miniatures (plus, presumably, paints, brushes, dice, game aids etc.). Since there are only a dozen or so easy-to-build kits between loyalist and Chaos Marines, presumably we might see the sprues from Dark Imperium (and Dark Vengeance/Assault on Black Reach?) re-cut so that each unit is available separately.

The images of the magazine content makes it look like incredibly basic stuff which is mostly recycled from elsewhere, but that's to be expected.

However over the course of the intended 80 issue run that makes £630 or so, which is... quite a lot really. Especially as even with re-cutting old/existing sprues I'm struggling to see where unique units/models are going to come from.

Although, after the failure of the last Black Library partwork, and GW advertising for dedicated partwork staff last week, I wouldn't necessarily expect the series to complete it's intended run.

I've not seen anywhere actually selling it in stores which seems odd. The website doesn't actually say when the 1st issue launched (/launches?).

If I had a friend* who wanted the Deathguard, or if anywhere was regularly stocking individual issues, I could see it being a fun little project. Plus if you want any of the easy-to-build Primaris or Deathguard kits, they'll all be cheaper in this format.

*I'm so lonely!