I find it hard to comment on this as I don't care much for HP miniatures.

The sculpts are amazing, pro painted they look stunning. I do understand why many would want these.

Disclaimer: pure speculation on my part: Limited shipping around the world sounds a lot like some problems other projects from Spain had. From the sideline it looks as if they did not read the fine print when getting the licence. Going from tabletop "wargame" to board game probably added to the problems since there already are board games in the setting.
Fully independent of restrictions, a pre order is better than a kickstarter for customers. It is a binding contract. If you can be just as confident depends on the real initial investment needed to lift this project of the ground.

A few things I do not like about this pre order besides shipping options are mostly related to how much it still looks like a kickstarter. Limited extras should not be included but used to keep the range alive and going, knowing the project has flesh for the future would look better for me. People are pushing this game, some do a lot of work piecing all the communication together.

Did KM say the process of finishing the basic project and getting a final OK from the IP holder has been finished? If that has been done, public communication aside, it looks like something nice for hardcore fans.