++ Nova Terra Interregnum: The Anostos Accord ++

Twelve days after hearing about the Anostan leadership's decision to secede from Terra and join the Ur- Council of Nova Terra, Vholk was finally visited by representatives of the governor and now self styled king. Within the hour of them arriving they had left. Vholk refused the summons they had presented him. He was no vassal of this world, not obliged to offer deference to this “king”. No, he would come to him and exchange words.

Three days later Flauros Hane, formerly governor and now king of Anostos IV stepped into Vholks basecamp. Escorted by a vast entourage, Flauros entered with great pomp and ceremony, choral singers performing ancient Anostan songs and poetry, billowing silk standards thrashing in the desert wind, and military minded nobles and Hanes personal guards all bedecked in finely crafted weapons and carapace. The showmanship did little to impress or intimidate Vholk. He had seen such displays countless times on hundreds of worlds by the fragile transitory rulers, all for the same reason, ego.

As Hane stepped in front of Vholk the display stopped and Hane offered his hand. Vholk dismissed it and asked one simple question, “What do you want?”. Hane had grown used to Vholks brusque nature during negotiations, but this pointed question took him aback. Once he had composed himself he asked to sit so they may discuss and redefine their agreement. Vholk agreed and a lengthy exchange was had.

Hane explained his and the other nobles decision to secede and join Nova Terra. For centuries Anostos had suffered regular raids by vicious eldritch raiders, once every twenty five years during a period known as the Hallowtide they come. On the hundredth year the whole host and it’s Archon descend for a great hunt and to gather up the Anostan aristocracies offerings. The aristocracy are only spared the worst of their depredations by giving up a child from each family to the raiders. The commoners have no such protection so are hunted like dogs and strung up like fatted grox at the slaughterhouse, or dragged off for a life of torturous servitude. In the last two centuries the levels of violence have increased due to the nobility struggling (and in some cases unwilling) to fulfill their tithes, as the numbers of children being born to the families dwindling due to a variety of causes.

Despite the pleas for assistance, none came nor were replied to by Imperial authorities. And this went on for centuries, then millenia, three to be exact. Attempts to fight back were futile, and the raiders vessels slipped past the vast orbital defense array without it so much as it registering them being there. This is why they seceded, in the hopes that they might court the ear of the Ur-Council and be granted salvation from the vile xenos, instead of carrying on pleading to a deaf and decaying Imperium.

But with Vholk being there it offered another course of action, were he amenable to it. Hane offered up his proposal. First that they had no intention of provoking the expedition and wished for a peaceful resolution to the whole affair. Vholk and his expedition would be allowed to continue their excavation and have unfettered access to anything they needed or any site they wished to visit as per the original agreement, and that no Anostan loyal to the king would take up arms against them. All that he asked for was assistance in investigating and correcting the orbital weapons inability to register the raiders craft, and restarting the ancient void shield that protected the capital so that they may be able to defend themselves. He left Vholk to mull over the deal, but not too long, they had only a couple of years before the next centennial Hallowtide, and each minute of indecision was a wasted moment.

Two days after the meeting, Vholk made a decision. He would agree to the terms, and once done he would leave them in peace.