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I don't recognize any of the pictures' owners (although I've seen the Ork rock guitarist before), but I want to thank you chaps for doing this: And also, if it is very time consuming, then please don't work yourselves ragged!

I manually salvaged thousands of CDO log pictures last summer, and it took its fair share of weeks (during excellent weather, grumble, grumble, Photobucket). Sometimes, corners need to be cut. If any sort of manual salvage is involved, it might be advisible to foremost save quality work, clever conversions, all forms of artwork and decent pictures of more unusual stuff such as Lotr and Aeronautica Imperialis. Maybe pet pictures as well, if you like. I have no insight into your recovery process, but I would only wish for the best to be saved if that can keep the workload down to humane levels for you.

Also, series of very similar pictures of the same model or models can be boiled down by picking one or a few photos that best show off the work, rather than salvaging all 7 or whatever angle shots. A salvage haul can as well be distilled without the unnecessary repetition of some of the original posts.

Kind regards
Thanks very much for this post. It's really good to know what we are doing is worthwhile and makes a difference. It's so hard because until we recover the photos one by one we don't know what they are! But we keep plugging away every day. Here are a bunch more .... do let us know if you recognise any, people! These are only a small snippet, look in my lost and found album for more of today's uploads

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