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The Dark Eldar Faction Focus is out now and they only get Wyches and Warriors I would have thought that Scourges would have been an obvious option.
I didn't think Scourges would make it, for the same reason Ork Stormboyz didn't make it (but kinda hoped they'd be there instead of Grots); on a 22" by 30" board, jump packs, rokkits, wings etc would mean you've got pretty much unlimited range. I was expecting Mandrakes maybe, but again they were a fairly elite choice. The only one I'm shocked didn't make it was Wracks, as that'd give you the three basic pillars of the Dark Eldar to mix and match... but I still think Dark Eldar get access to some impressive stuff. All the equipment warriors and wyches can take... your Kill Team could include a Sybarite, Hekatrix, Wyches with shardnets, impalers, hydra gauntlets, razorflails, and then factor in every splinter rifle is a poison weapon... I think the Dark Eldar are in a good place.

It would have been nice to have the more exotic stuff, but the more of that, the less balanced a ruleset becomes...