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Looking at some of the choices available to factions I am already getting a Shadow War vibe.
Doesn't seem so? I mean there was far less choice in Shadow War... Tyranids literally got Warriors, Dark Eldar got Wyches... we've already seen Kabalites in pictures, Genestealer Cult got Neophytes, etc. Basically, most factions got one unit to work with, two at most. Most of the revealed factions for Kill Team have between three and four choices, if not more.

Add to this, it's not an unreasonable assumption to make that the unit choices get access to everything they do in their respective Codex/boxed sets. The example creation of a Kill Team noted a Tactical Space Marine Missile Launcher gunner. So the Astartes have access to all the equipment Scouts, Tactical squads, Reivers and Intercessors get... which is actually quite a variety; Scout with sniper rifles, heavy bolters, Tactical Marines with plasma guns, combi-plasma, making one a sergeant, Intercessors with grenade launcher, stalker and auto-boltrifle options...