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I have only stated that, given the very definitions of what armour is supposed to accomplish, chainmail bikinis are stupid. I don't have a problem with people sculpting or buying sculpts depdicting anything of the sort. (It's a pity when it's the only option available, but I never said there's something wrong with it in general.) Arguments regarding moral superiority are indeed total crock, as is your statement that I somehow posted those arguments. Nobody said the very existence of such little figures is somehow evil. And if they did, once more, do provide some evidence. This is a complete straw man.
Someone else called it "sexist" and I was addressing that. I also misunderstood the basis for your or someone else's objection.

Since we are in agreement, the point seems moot.

As for arguing taste, sure, it can be fun in some contexts but in others it's basically like trying to talk a fan into switching allegiance to his favorite team's arch-rival. That is to say: a waste of time.

Unless there are other axes to grind, I think this thread has run its course.