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Didn't the original one have a boob-plate?
Painted rather nicely as well
Looks fine in my opinion, but then she is a Pharoah and they're known for ceremonial looking stuff like that

I think it was just the one bit of artwork where she didn't have the boob-plate
just an extra big headdress-shoulder-thingy, ignore the crotch skull
From the image you linked you can already see my problem, the boob plate creates the wrong optics. Use a finger to blend it out. Now the head dress and collar frame the head. The head is the focus.
then put a finger just under the boob plate, focus is lost and the scarab on her chest is more prominent. In my paint scheme it would be even worse.

On the sculpt it rather stands out as well, it does not blend in. So this must be by design.

Of course all of this is personal opinion, but I think the sculptor made some bad choices. He added "safe" elements and ruined the composition of elements.