A collection of renowned designer Jes Goodwin’s concept sketches for Craftworld Aeldari, Drukhari, Harlequins and Ynnari, this is a rare glimpse into the creation, design and evolution of Citadel miniatures. Packed with never-before-seen illustrations – many taken directly from the designer’s personal sketchbooks – with detailed annotations explaining how and why choices have been made, pointing out standout features and giving hints as to the characters’ place in the wider world of Warhammer 40,000 this isn’t just a must-have for fans of the Aeldari – it’s an essential purchase for anyone who wants an insight into the processes that fuel the creation of the world’s finest fantasy miniatures.

The Eldar Collection is presented as 2 hardback books in an attractive slipcase:

Book 1 – The Asuryani Sketchbook

This 136-page book features sketches of the Avatar of Khaine, Farseers, Warlocks, Autarchs, Aspect Warriors, Wraith constructs and more, with a focus on the vehicles and characters of the Craftworld Aeldari. Included a variety of runes and iconography, banners, weapons, alternate helmet designs, equipment details and sketches that would become some of the Aeldari's most iconic special characters.

Book 2 – The Drukhari Sketchbook

This 100-page book focuses on the Drukhari, from their earliest incarnations to their current forms, with sketches of Warriors, Hellions, Reavers, Scourges, Haemonculi Covens, Mandrakes, Incubi and a selection of vehicles and beasts. Also included are sketches of the Exodites, Harlequins and Ynnari, along with a timeline of the life of Yvrainne. Along with these are a variety of runes and iconography, banners, weapons, hair styles, alternate helmet designs and equipment details. Both books feature a foreword by Phil Kelly.
...Aaand its seventy-five quid.

Dammit! Why do you always do this, GW? That's a balls-out insane price.