Afternoon chaps, just a quick little hello today while I sort the next set of pics for tomorrow.

DeathCat, thank you kindly I'm really happy with how everything works together - the Nighthaunt bits were a bit of a gamble but it's paid off big time. And hurrah for being able to keep a consistent(ish) spirit colour across the army. And of course it's great to know that the lore was something you enjoyed - the narrative side is always the most important for me and its ace to know that people enjoy my writing. Now to start thinking about a suitably miserable setting for my StormCawdor skirmish warband....

Lost Egg - and thank you as well buddy, glad to hear that the army shot was worth the wait

As I mentioned earlier, there are more faction shots to come - these will show off the different sub-groups within the Court overall, with a handy reminder of names and titles. In total there will be:

Nobles Of The Grove,
Guardians Of The Marches,
The Crone-Touched,
The Hunter And His Crows,
Seeds Of Hope,
Magicks Of The Grey Marches.

I've also got a game set for the 21st, running out the full 3k of the Court against Daughters Of Khaine again. Old battletome rules sadly as it's in a GW, so I'll doubtless lose horribly. I am looking forward to using wolf-Durthu though, and will get a bunch of pics to show off.

As always, thanks for your continued interest and support - really means a lot.