D6Damage - I aim to educate as well as entertain And thank you very much, great to hear you like him as much as I do.

Yep, I'm pretty damn happy with how the construction of Blessed Loclaranam went (I will get out of the habit of calling him Man-Stag...) and hopefully the painting will go just as well. Already made a start on him, or at least the fur, as seen here:

The fur is only about half done here, it needs bringing back up to white and the recesses lightening a bit before a few more grey glazes, but I'm already loving the look of him. By the time the branches, antlers and bark-belt are done, visually he's going to be a nice reversal of the colour scheme established so far - white with dark accents as opposed to dark wood with white accents. After him will probably be the Knight-Question, then the Kurnoth and the Palladors.... and then I just need to get 15 more Spites, another 2 woods and the King himself, which should take me to 2k points. Fun times.

Course, I might get distracted by Nighthaunt because dear Gods the Mortarch of Grief is sublime, but there's always Blood Bowl to do and an urge to get back on the Inq28 train (actual 40k doesn't really hold any appeal at the moment, not sure why but just can't maintain any enthusiasm for an army idea) or maybe just taking the Court up to 2500 or 3k... There's always the Maiden and Mother splinters of the Baba Yaga to explore...

Silly hobby magpie.