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Heyhey, I just had a look at the photos. Great to see such different sets of rules, and especially how popular Pulp Alley seems to be over there. Last weekend i've been to a show myself, and they had a nice variety of games as well, but most of ....the other kind. You know, the kind that's backed by a large company, selling miniatures, and all of that. :P Anyway, I also like how different the tables look. You gotta have 'simpler' tables as well I believe (if you got the space). Just as to show that it doesn't have to be complicated to play.

Good report, looking forward to more!
The Pulp Alley thing is supported here because there is a guy in BC, Bob Murch, who makes very nice figures for it. It may appear that it is more popular than it is because my buddy ran two games on two tables that I built and Wirelizard from LAF ran his game twice on his table. By contrast there wasn't any PA played last year.