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    Re: Despoiler's log of a little bit of everything

    Time for the next update.

    I have finished (for now at least) all the units I have currantly for my german force.

    Here is a group shot of evetything so far:

    The rest of the force will be purchased next month and will consist of shreckwulfen, a Panzermech and a Panzershreck team.

    So now as previously posted will be mansions of Madness.

    So far I have only undercoated the miniatures.

    from left to right.
    Back: Lloiger, 2 star vampires.
    Middle: hired guns, Skeletons.
    Front: Finn, Tommy, Diana, Marie

    Currantly I have all the models and expansions availiable for the game (with exception for Sanctum of Twilight which was only released last week).

    A couple group pictures of the rest of these models:

    the big guys, scenario specfic characters and the games huge roster of player characters.

    The large selection of monsters, nightmares and deep things that the game may choose to send after you.

    With another long day at work tomorrow It will probably be the weekend before the next update.

    until next time.
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