Another update.

@nitromors. They're great models, and to be honest I'm thinking of making an Occult platoon for the germans as they get alot of cool units like this. Including zombies and creatures that are basically nightgaunts crossed with vampires called Nachtjäger. But I also want to get a heavy walker (most likely the Zeus) and expand the Americans with more Armour as my currant army is needing it (thinking a sherman or going for a Bruin). Its all very addictive this...

Which actually brings me on to the update. The wolves are done. For some reason I didn't take pictures of the finished models on their own but heres a shot with the rest:

Also have pretty much completed the panzermech with just transfers to go.

That just leaves the panzershreck team for my 1,000pt army and I will also paint up the flamethrower team and sniper team that also come in the blister.

Then its back to Space Crusade.