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    Re: Bike With Double Front Wheels

    Cheers! A basket on the front would be handy for sure. He's happy about the trike's performance so far and can go up steep slopes on the trike instead of walking with the trike beside him.

    Some days ago, grandpa turned 90... twice. Does that make him 180 years old? When his family fled from Finland during the second world war, the Swedish authorities misregistered him, and the error has stuck. Apparently when he turned 50, he and grandma travelled away so as to not be attended with a big party on his actual birthday, but the problem was that they still were home and unprepared when guests began turning up at his second birthday date.

    During his actual 90 years day he joked about setting up three long planks against the oak tree out front, to see which of the guests dared ride the homemade tricycle up highest. (Yes the craziness runs in the family.)

    This got to be his birthday present from me:

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