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I wonder if this is resin or plastic.

I had kinda ssumed that GW were going to fold the Eldar into one Ynnari faction, this release suggests that may be a way off if at all.

Design-wise I agree with m'Lord Damocles, while still kinda cool it just looks so flimsy but I guess they had to stretch it out for the big guy to fit through.
Having read the DE and Eldar codexs, it seems they are setting something up, as they mention in the books being able to make a Yannari force of all the different codexs but don't provide the rules there and then. The rules are in Index Xenos, so I guess its just making an actual codex of it somehow. There are whispers around, but nothing concrete about a release date.

As for the terrain piece, its not bad. Some Eldar buildings would be nice next.