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Thread: Warhammer Legends Dark Elves coming Saturday apparently

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    Warhammer Legends Dark Elves coming Saturday apparently

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    In the Background
    The Dark Elves ruled the cold lands of Naggaroth with arrogance and cruelty. If you got a kick out of collecting the most depraved army that the world-that-was had to offer, then you need look no further than the Daughters of Khaine, who now reign over the Realm of Shadow in the Age of Sigmar.

    In the Game
    The Dark Elf way of war was efficient and merciless, and defined by disciplined phalanxes of infantry, backed up by exotic and grotesque monsters and heavy shock-cavalry. This elite, flexible force was rewarding for a skilled and ruthless player. If you want to command a force like this in Warhammer Age of Sigmar then the Idoneth Deepkin, soul-bound descendants of the Druchii, are the army for you.

    Hi, if you've been following the Warhammer Community posts you may already know that they're creating a Warhammer Legends partition where old characters models from bygone days are honored.

    The big news is that it starts this week. And you have only one week to place your orders.

    So I just wanted to remind you that you can get Morathi, Lokhir Felheart, Mengil Manhide and some other generic character models exclusively next week.

    Have fun.

    P.S. Mods, please correct the typo in the thread title.
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