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Thread: Men of Bronze- From Paper Templates to Paper Dudes

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    Men of Bronze- From Paper Templates to Paper Dudes

    Edit: Uggh, the title of the thread is supposed to be "From Paper Templates to Proper Dudes"..... haste makes waste.


    I have been playing a lot of Men of Bronze which is a game all about Greek Hoplite battles from about 650 BCE to the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE. Therefore, the focus is on Hoplites, Peltasts, and their assorted hangers-on.

    The game itself is scale and model agnostic, but I am using Victrix Limited Spartans, Greek, and Macedonian line of 28mm models. It was very exciting to pick-up enough models for three armies; Spartans, Corinthians, and Macedonians of Phillip II; for the price of 1 Warhammer 40K army. The game itself uses between 5 and 8 units and with these Victrix models will be about 10 models each (except fo the Macedonian Phalanx which will be 15).

    For the game, you need to be able to tell when a unit is "In or Out" of Phalanx formation and who the Leader is. The Phalanx formation has various benefits and drawbacks in game. The Leader is used to determine movement, facing, formation, Line-of-sight, and a few other mechanics in the game. Therefore, it helps if you can easily distinguish who this is.

    This is the whole painting table... you can see some of the units being worked on including Hoplites, Peltasts. Archers, Phalangites, and Psiloi.

    Here is a closer look. I can't wait to replace my paper templates with some fully painted armies!

    A freind of mine has been painting these for me and they sent me the Work-in-Progress shots and I wanted to share!

    If you want to see more and closer photos, you can visit my blog here: https://bloodandspectacles.blogspot....of-bronze.html

    Thanks for looking. I will add on to this post as I take more pictures.
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