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Thread: As usual I don't like GW's Phoenix Lords

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    As usual I don't like GW's Phoenix Lords

    In a game where multi damage is common and whoever charges wins, invulnerable saves are basically mandatory.

    And GW has gone to a lot of trouble to make space marines characters ridiculous.

    So as usual I would like to see phoenix lords looking like the kung fu demigods they are, rather than a slightly better generic marine captain.

    basic stat line
    M7" WS 2+ BS 2+ S 5 T 5 W 6 A5 Ld 10 Sv 2+

    Ancient Doom, Battle Focus

    Phoenix Eternal
    Models with this rule treat all weapons that hit them as Damage: 1, regardless of their normal damage value. They may ignore a wound (including mortal wounds) on a 5+.

    Perfection of War
    Models with this rule and any model from their Aspect within 6" re-roll 1s to hit.

    I would leave their wargear and rules mostly alone, although I don't think Feugan really needs his +2 to stats thing at all.

    Character specific modifications:

    Asurmen: +1 Attack, ignore damage on 4+, 3+ in melee
    Karandras: +1 Strength
    Jain Zar: +2 Movement
    Feugan: +1 Toughness
    Baharoth: 14" movement
    Maugan Ra: -1" movement, +1 wound
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