Also, for fun and to evoke the classic samurai/kung fu stories of old, I want to resurrect the Court of the King detachment:

Phoenix Court of Khaine
Consists of:
The Avatar of Khaine
Jain Zarr
Maugan Ra

Special Rules:

The Furious 7
Whilst a model from the detachment is within 6" of at least 2 other models from the detachment, they gain the following:

All to hit rolls automatically succeed. Roll a D6 for each attack the model makes. On a 6 they or a member of the court within 6" may inflict an additional hit.

When a model from the court loses its last wound, roll a D6. On a 2+ they rise from the ground again on 1 wound. This works against all forms of attack, even ones that remove models from the table. If a model rolls a 1 on their last wound it is removed and enemy units within 3" suffer 1D3 mortal wounds.