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The upshot is as you say: people build armies to max out game mechanics and this in turn breaks the game and creates really odd storytelling situations as Maximums the Unkillable faces off against Blaythor the Human Blender.

hehe I like that.

What killed the game for me was the degeneration of the background in 5th ed. IMO, at that point we got a 'Fall of the Eldar' scenario where the writers (like Ward) started an orgy of destruction in perpetual games of oneupmanship to see who's space marine codex could rack up the most victories, kill the most avatars and banish the most greater daemons.

I predicted when Marneus uppercut an Avatar that it set a dangerous precedent and that was borne out by every subsequent marine codex culminating in Marty Stu Draigo - he who macguffins his way through the warp and slaughters whole segments of chaos gods at a time.

8th seems to have somewhat reigned in that stupidity and the mechanics reduced some of the fluff to game issues present beforehand. Dropping instant death immediately made T3 units less vulnerable which was good.

But as always there are still plenty of issues.