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Thread: The lack of initiative in 8th ed and creating more variety in melee

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    The lack of initiative in 8th ed and creating more variety in melee

    Initiative IMO allowed for armies to have greater melee nuance, but with the current rules, melee glass cannons are virtually impossible.

    Everything is built to either overwhelm the target on the first charge, or be so hard to kill it can survive a charge and kill them on return. There's not much wiggle room.

    IMO you can produce some of the older feeling of mechanics using modifiers instead.

    So I'm thinking that you could get some variety in melee with the following modifications:

    Fight Sequence
    All fight hit rolls are simultaneous - every model has the opportunity to strike.

    Units that have charged this turn inflict a -1 to hit on their target unit in that fight phase.

    If your unit is a non-VEHICLE unit and has a higher Movement value than their target, they gain a +1 to hit (to a maximum of 2+).
    If the model already hits on a 2+, you gain an additional attack instead.

    Given that high movement units are almost always high Initiative from the old system (vehicles not withstanding), this allows for faster reflexes to increase their odds of striking the target, without making it a binary.

    Being a fast unit charging then gives you a double bonus.
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