The last update before this rule-set will be stable for a long time at the next update. For those interested, there is a lot to read on the behind the scenes and direction of this game:
Announcement and road map
Update on the work of teams
A great magazine: The 9th Scroll
Beta rules

What I find most interesting in the T9A project are 2 things:
It runs with volunteers for about 3 years now (it is and will be non profit), but it is well structured and uses organizing methods I am familiar with from software development or corporate business. Is it free of faults? Most certainly not. Yet the more I see, the more I have faith in the structure that was institutionalized to guarantee continuity. When you take a step back then the enormity of this project is staggering.
It is the first "new" tabletop wargame (it is NOT WHFB reloaded) that I am aware of, that is starting to use decentralized production by independent but supporting companies. Sure almost all of the current product will be usable for Warhammer Fantasy, at least the players that don't care about GW or need to play in their stores. The difference is building up a network to sustain the game and product companies. Right now many great projects are in the pipeline, on Kickstarter or in production. This hopefully means choice and competition in the long run. In short, it serves the customers, us the players. It is also a system that will work better with economics changing and moving to the internet.