Not being an Ultimate Life Form and more of a Hoss, than a Little Joe, I still have to say rule by committee is a difficult thing. I know there are a lot of opinions about T9A and, as always, people should play the version of WHFB they like, I have to admire, after only a little reading, the work the T9A people have done. I was a little disheartened when I abandoned my old gaming group for greener pastures and fewer people only to come for a visit later and be really disheartened that they had abandoned WHFB for 40k. I really like the Warriors of the Dark Gods, having run a Khornate army and an Undivided army in previous editions.

I was in California on business earlier this year and was excited to find a pretty thriving T9A community where several smaller towns where hosting tournaments and a few pretty big tournaments in larger cities too. Regardless of what THE NEXT BIG THING is that comes along, a balanced game, with balanced units and army lists, that has kept WHFB alive is something the T9A people should take pride in. Like some, I prefer the Warhammer world fluff and gaming with friends to the big tournaments. I mean, who doesn't like Felix and Gotrek? It seems only natural, however, that competitive players with honest intent would be the ones to produce a balanced, streamlined ruleset. I may have to give it a try.