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Thread: Incoming Rogue Trader Game from GW!

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    Re: Incoming Rogue Trader Game from GW!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lost Egg View Post
    Kill Team isn't Combat Patrol and never was.
    Error on my part, I meant the recent incarnations of Kill-Team have more in common with Combat Patrol, as the previous set was a squad of Fire Warriors versus a Space Marine Tactical Squad (a pretty unfair matchup, I'm positive under the old points you could get a 5-alien Strike Squad and 5-alien Breacher Squad, with a T'au Piranha with fusion Blasters, for the same points as a full Tactical Squad, with Missile Launcher, Meltagun and Veteran Sergeant with combi-plasma, etc). Yes on the table they moved around as individuals, but you now bought them as small units, rather than cherry-picking stuff from the range, like the first edition of Kill Team provided.

    On topic, it looks like the Rogue Trader game provides the starting point of miniatures which they can expand into the Inquisition Forces... and Lost and the Damned? If they brought back Harlequins and Genestealer Cultists, i see no reason they won't return and develop this "sub-army" too.
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