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    Re: Age of Sigmar "The new Edition"

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate Life Form View Post
    Well they're new.
    They were new three years ago, this is not valid anymore. And even if it still applied... so what? That still makes them big sellers.
    As for Slaanesh, apparently, they're building up to reintroduce him/her. S/he was in the only short story I've read from their Malign Portent thingy, actually.
    It feels like they're just randomly releasing stuff, if you ask me, according to the whims of the moment. Muchos whims goes into stormcasts and Khorne indeed for now, but there's been other things. If you put all the elves together by WFB kinds (daughters of Khaine + deepkin guys for instance), that makes quite a big range, bigger than any DE release, well, ever. Even separated, it's true, actually.
    Well, whatever, the numbers are the numbers, whatever the reasons, and whether you like it or not.

    Anyway, yeah, obviously the plan is to rotate and phase out minis, which is rather sound in an economical way I guess. That means I'll go broke if they do other Warhammer Legend releases with, say, TK plastics. Gods...
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