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Thread: Age of Sigmar "The new Edition"

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    Age of Sigmar "The new Edition"

    Yes, that's right. Not "2nd Edition", "The New Edition". With refined gameplay etc.

    So. What does this mean? AoS was released in 2015. That means, 3 years later we get the next Edition. That's rather short. Apparently GW plan on continuing the system of perpetually revolving Editions, despite me and other people hoping for the contrary. And that despite the fact that only a fraction of the range have been updated from WHFB. What of the human factions, for crying out loud?

    I'll state it bluntly. The Edition model is outdated and bad. As in, really bad and not customer friendly at all. It's what destroyed WHFB. All those nifty books you bought? You can now throw them into the trash can (presumably). Buy some more. Balance updates? What are those? Meanwhile the largest part of the range still comes with square bases.

    GW is continuing their cycle of favoritism by supporting some factions and then moving on before they're done. I wouldn't be surprised if some models still come with square bases by 2030. This brave new world thing is all smokes and mirrors.
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