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    Eldar Titans suck

    EPIC always presented the eldar titans as very hard to hit, highly advanced engines of destruction, packing a massive punch in comparison to their imperial cousins.

    The Phantom was always the eldar equivalent of the Warlord titan (In EPIC they had the same hit points and the only difference was the armour). Currently it is pathetic. Not the least because the volcano cannon is stupid compared to the d-bombard, when eldar D weapons were always THE anti titan weapons because they entirely bypassed void shields.

    They've overloaded the imperial titans with tonnes of extra titan weapons, while the phantom has to rely on very little. Originally this just meant the phantom's weapons had to be better to make up for the fact it had less.

    My thoughts on changes for eldar titans are the following:

    M* WS* BS* S 14 T 14 W 60 A 6 Ld 10 Sv 3+

    Dire Pulsar Range 120" Macro 9 S 20 AP -5 D 2D6 Wound rolls of 6+ inflict 1D3 Mortal wounds in addition to their normal damage

    D-Bombard Range Range 72" Macro 1D6 S- Ap -6 D 2D6 for each hit scored, removed the amount of wounds generated from the target's profile. No saves, void shields or negation of any kind is possible.

    Hellfire Lance range 60" Macro 1D6 S30 Ap -7 D3D6 At half range roll 4D6 and discard the lowest

    Tremor Cannon 54" Macro 6D6 S - AP -3 D1D3 Automatically hits targets. Infantry wounded on a 2+, everything else wounded on a 3+.

    Solar Storm Cannon 96" Macro 2D6 S 12 AP -4 D 1D6 Pick a target unit. You may spread your attacks across that unit and any other enemy unit within 6" of it. Each hit scored inflicts 3 hits on the target. Roll for damage for all 3 hits as normal

    Soul charge starcannon 48" Heavy 4 S7 AP -3 D1D3
    Soul charge bright lance 48" Heavy 2 S9 Ap -4 D1D6

    Wraith Glaive Melee S x2 AP -6 D 10 6s to hit grant an additional attack. 6s to wound inflict 1D3 mortal wounds. Enemy models must re-roll 1 successful hit per combat phase

    Steersman: Increase WS to 2+.

    Titanic Distortion fields
    These grant a 3+ invulnerable save against attacks.
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