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I'm not sure that this is an entirely fair characterisation of those who have a concern that 40K doesn't exactly scream 'childrens books'.

It doesn't help that what little information we have on the characters and plots show us the pacifist daughter of a borderline heretic teaming up with a traitor and a techno-heretic to (presumably) not be instantly killed by Necrons and/or Marines.

If Goto or Ward had given us that there would be rioting in the streets!

The amount of pitchfork wielding isn't really any greater than during the response to the End Times or Gathering Storm; and those who are concerned that there may be a politicisation of Warhammer underway are largely balanced out by those who cry about 40K [fans] being misogynistic, or encouraging the abuse of animals, or whatever.
40K is everything and anything it needs to be. 40K used to have scenarios about capturing a rogue group of orangutan-like aliens that had escaped a travelling space circus in order to force them to build doomsday weapons. A bunch of children surviving in 40K, isn't unexpected. Presumably, all those 40K adults once where children and they managed to survive, so it seems to setting isn't so grimdark as to be instant-death to anything that doesn't have a stub-pistol at birth...

Honestly, there's talk on facebook that the author received various threats and hate mail purely because he's written a book for children. Which isn't even out yet. Those 40K fans, if we even grace them with that term, need to do us all a favor and shoot themselves in the face.