Still in the wilderness (not as bad as it sounds - when I retire probably going even further north - to heck with all that warm weather)
Oathmark has made elves, I do believe. And, much to the delight of 2DSick I imagine, Para Bellum has gone live with their website. Lots to read.
You have to admire their artistry, effort and boldness. Quite an undertaking. No prices yet, but a core box is coming?

What are the thoughts of the true massed battle gamers here? Why 36mm scale do you suppose? Do you like it? Even at 28mm with 2000 points or 4500 for T9A folks the table can seem a bit crowded. What say you?

The models and the background look pretty spiffy, I have to say. Need to talk to a couple of FLGS managers and see what they are thinking....