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Thread: GDPR, A new privacy policy and TapaTalk

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    Re: GDPR, A new privacy policy and TapaTalk

    Quote Originally Posted by Inquisitor Engel View Post
    Facebook and Google data collection is completely legal provided it's collected within the realms of GDPR policies and you've consented to the collection of that data in return for the use of the service AND they comply with do not track/do not process/forget and data access requests. Legal opinion also seems to lean toward the idea that you can still be served ads by FB/Google et al under GDPR, simply that they won't be targeted and thus, will be "less relevant."

    I suspect there will be challenges to Facebook's "agree or delete your account" ultimatum since it's complies with the letter of GDPR, but not the spirit. That said, I don't blame most companies for being on the conservative side and letting the big guys take the legal route while the enforcement agencies set precedent.

    GDPR requires the fee be "reasonable," like SAR before it. I suspect anything beyond a few Euros will get smacked down pretty hard.
    True and true. IF they comply with GDPR, which is under scrutiny.

    But the legality is not that simple. On their own services Google and Facebook ToS apply. When you use a plugin, which many do, then the page owner must comply with GDPR and in many cases even with consent it can still be illegal (insurance companies). You can no longer keep it hidden behind the "data for adds" screen since you must comply with gathering the absolute minimum needed. Recently Denmark took down a page for not being GDPR compliant because they used a Facebook tracker without proper notification or sufficient reason (approved by a court).

    The 10 Euros was the base line in Germany because that was the amount it costs anyone to simply get info on anyone from a city's civil affairs department. Already cities are complaining and want to have a bulk tariff, I hope it does not happen since you must comply with giving your data where you live. It will end up in court for sure if they do try.

    Interesting times for sure.
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