For the first time in years I logged in to Warseer Forum to see what the meta is these days, just to find out that this might not be the right place to check it out. I dropped out of 40K a few years ago (6th...yeah, me too ). As a vivid Chaosplayer I was frustrated for years for the lack of love the old Chaos-dudes got. But I checked out Games Workshop last week and saw some really awesome models for Chaos and thought to myself: mmm... maybe things have changed for the better. I still haven't found it out tho… . I think most of the players just kinda moved on. They got married, had kids, a job, a loan etc... . Still, it's a shame that there isn't more life on Warseer because I've always loved the way the community interacted and discussed the many varied topics related to WH 40K. I hope this forum will recover!