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    Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILERS]

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate Life Form View Post
    Breaking News:

    That's right, despite being a success financially, the movie didn't make enough money for the greedy Disney Studios managers, especially compared to the main series, so there will be no more spinoffs.

    Just let that sink in.
    Oh please. People speak about profits like they're a bad thing, when they are in fact the whole point of an enterprise. Now what one does with the profit is open to debate on moral grounds, and one might feel outraged about excessive profit (particularly if it is earned from medical technology), but the fact that earnings didn't meet expectations has zero moral component here.

    Disney paid BIG MONEY for the franchise. Their expectation was that they would get BIGGER money from it. Breaking even is a crappy use of their investment dollar.

    On the one hand one can be glad there will be no more 'unnecesary' movies and the milking stops right there. On the other hand, the reason for cancelling the other movies seems mind-baffling. Not profitable enough? Not content with several million dollars? Well, we all like to bash GW a lot for their greed but it seems there's always a bigger fish.
    You do understand that not every product is equally profitable, right? I assume you know that sometimes companies (especially entertainment ones) use the huge profits reaped from "tentpole" films to fund their indie and arts projects.

    So when those profits don't show up, there are a lot of downstream events other than Scrooge McDuck having to to take a smaller money bath.

    Then again some sources report that the movie might not break even after all. We'll have to wait and see.
    From a commercial standpoint, "Solo" has been a total disaster. This was undertaken as a sure thing, an easy layup, a chip shot. It didn't work.

    The responsible thing to do after a blunder of that magnitude would be to reconsider the strategy.

    Based solely on the Star Wars marketing team's reaction, they don't like the current fans and are determined to sell them something they don't want to buy.

    The result is crappy sales.

    Maybe Disney's leadership finds this okay, but their shareholders are getting nervous - hence the review.
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