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Thread: Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILERS]

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    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILERS]

    If anyone promised themselves to never see a Star Wars movie again after Episode VIII, do yourselves a favour and watch the Han Solo film.

    While the new trilogy seems to end up to be less than the prequels, Solo is the best Star Wars movie ever made.

    The story clicks (meaning it works - very well - apart from a ship owed to Lando by Han after a game of cards, but I might have missed something obvious), is unpredictable and entirely suitable for a Han Solo story. You get to see one of the great industrial, overpopulated core worlds of Star Wars come to life, the way you always wished for and always wanted to see beyond the backwater battlefields of the original trilogy (the prequels took a step in the right direction in this department). This movie is fun, it's roguishly charming, it's gritty and it's got action and a Russian roulette of double-crossing, backstabbing and guessing what is actually part of the plan, and what each character's game is. Oh, and aesthetically it's all crafted with attention to details and designs true to what has come before and expanding much upon it flawlessly.

    One of the best movies ever made, in my book, along the likes of Jurassic Park and the Lotr trilogy. While the original Star Wars trilogy will remain a cinematic classic for all time (if technologically advanced human civilization, and files and physical copies of it survives the teeth of time), Solo: A Star Wars Story, is even more enjoyable, and better, than even the originals.

    Burn me for a heretic now, and it's not just the pleasure of the new. Cheers!

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