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I may be too optimistic but I think you're being too bleak
It comes from being around a while.

You hope things will turn around, that the Powers That Be will get a clue, but they don't.

These boards have offered myriad ways to make GW games better. Any one of the solutions put forth would have made a radical improvement. All were ignored.

So after a while, you accept that people do what they do because they mean it; what people think are inadvertent screw-ups are in fact deliberate.

Disney's destruction of Star Wars was planned. They didn't expect the result, but their leadership made a point of throwing away the old feel and taking it in (as they say) a different direction, one that was foreign to the IP.

And so their core fans - the one who actually liked Star Wars as it was - are leaving.

I'll say this: Star Wars fans have proven that they are no where near as masochistically loyal as 40k and especially WHFB players. For this GW can be grateful and Disney profoundly jealous.