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One can tell the times are truly dire when the prequels are being added to the accepted Star Wars canon.

I think it was Red Letter Media that highlighted how the prequels directly contradict the original films - a fact that even Lucas' "Special Editions" couldn't completely reconcile.

All three "batches" of movies are completely different in feel and tone. The originals feature a space environment that is familiar with a few mystic elements and enjoyable, relatable characters.

In the prequels, we get more mysticism but also oddball science (midichlorians? ) combined with wooden, two-dimensional characters.

The third series has brought us even odder continuity errors, jarring disconnects between its first and second movies and the wholesale ruination of once-beloved characters through arbitrary and inexplicable plot devices.

The 'canon' consists of the original theatrical releases of the original three films. It's 'apocrypha' is the Expanded Universe that remained remarkably consistent.

Everything else is heresy and should be purged with fire.

And if you agree with me about this, you'll love my books.