Whether an arranged game or a pick-up game, I am used to building an army using points cost where each player has X number of points. Each Index of the 2017 Indicies has the points cost for building an army.

For example on page 202 in Index: Imperium 1 under SPACE MARINES POINTS VALUES, the Index states, "If you are playing a matched play game, or a game that uses a points limit, you can use the following points list to determine the total points cost of your army. Simply add together the points values of all of your models, as well as the wargear that they are equipped with, to determine your army's total points value."

The Predator is on page 54 of Index: Imperium 1. The "Unit Composition & Wargear" states, "A Predator is a single model equipped with a Predator autocannon." The "Wargear Options" for a Predator are as follows:
- The model may replace its Predator autocannon with a twin lascannon.
- The model may take two heavy bolters or two lascannons.
- The model may take a hunter-killer missile.
- The model may take a storm bolter.

The points value for the Predator is in the HEAVY SUPPORT table on page 203 of Index: Imperium 1. The HEAVY SUPPORT table has the columns of MODELS PER UNIT and POINTS PER MODEL. The POINTS PER MODEL column has the note of "(Does not include wargear)".

Thus, the points value of the Predator in the HEAVY SUPPORT table even excludes the points for the equipped Predator autocannon, that is, a wargearless Predator.

Games Workshop (GW) released the following products with each product containing a list of points cost:
17 Jun 2017 - Index: Imperium 1, Index: Imperium 2, Index: Chaos, Index: Xenos 1, Index: Xenos 2
29 Jul 2017 - Codex: Space Marines
02 Dec 2017 - Chapter Approved 2017

The points cost for the wargearless Predator changed from Index: Imperium 1 to Codex: Space Marines.

My intent is to only use Index: Imperium 1 and not to chase after subsequent publications for changes in points values.

From my experience in the past, GW does not want its points values from its games displayed on forums. And, forum moderators would act appropriately to abide by GW's policy. I have no desire to incur the wrath of the forum moderators, yet I may need to tweak a points value from the Index: Imperium 1 for some reason. The best way to tweak the points values from Index: Imperium 1 would be to declare an offset. For example, one temporary tweak would be a change of points value of -2 to the wargearless Predator in Index: Imperium 1.