Hello everyone!!!

Just a quick induction before I start posting I guess

Name's Mike. I'm 35 and been into modelling since I remember- my old man was building ships and RC aeroplanes (which were extremely rare back in days :P)

I am building terrain out of everything, starting on cardboards, foam-core boards, styrofoam, wood, stone, plastic and finishing on xps.

As far as I'm concern I'm a not bad painter as well.

I will definitely share some love with you guys. Some of my stuff you may already know, some you may not so I hope I will be useful every now and then

Just recently I've started my YouTube channel as well. Currently I'm working on a Medieval Castle made out of few mixed materials. Also getting my Shadespire dudes ready for some more action and just fell in love in the Frostgrave

I am also into everything that's tabletop. War games, board games and also some CCG.


I really do hope that you will like my stuff guys, and I'm looking forward to go thorough yours as well

I'll see you around

Berserk007, out.