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Thread: "Kill one to warn one hundred" Star Wars: Rebels Scene

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    "Kill one to warn one hundred" Star Wars: Rebels Scene

    Rebels, aimed at younger audiences, is on the one hand what one would expect: Light-hearted simple fun in the Star Wars vein, with meaningful rebel deaths as rare as are clever and successful imperials. On the other hand the show do capture the original trilogy atmosphere, and is surprisingly good (for being what it is), in my book. If you've got kids or are just curious yourself, with a taste for blasters and TIE-fighters, then this may be worth checking out if you haven't already. Not a masterpiece, but neither is it utter trash on the whole.

    However, there is one Rebels scene which is surprisingly well thought-out. "Kill one to warn one hundred," as the Chinese saying goes. Androm till varnagel. Counter-insurgency measure.

    Recommended viewing at 3 minutes, even for those not interested in Star Wars or animated kid series:

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