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Thread: New Warhammer Legends wave

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    New Warhammer Legends wave

    And not overly many this time.

    Next week up for grabs:



    That would cover four legacy armies at once?!?

    Kind of disappointing if that's all we get for those...


    In the Background
    The heroes of the Old World were charismatic leaders, powerful mages or nefarious villains, and each earned their place in history of the World That Was. Of course, many of these plucky champions survived into the Age of Sigmar, having struck a dark bargain with a powerful patron or ascended to godhood themselves – if you love the devious character of Grey Seer Thanquol, for example, or want to tell the next chapter of Alarielle’s story, you can continue these famous characters’ legends in the Mortal Realms.

    In the Game
    No army is complete without its legendary heroes, and many of the factions in Age of Sigmar are exemplified by the heroes that lead them. If you’re looking for a devastating fighter who’ll smash a hole in opposing armies, characters like Skarbrand or Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork provide unparalleled punch. If you want to dominate your foes with magical mastery, look no further than Kairos Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch or Aventis Firestrike, Magister of Hammerhal. Of course, sometimes you want a centrepiece for your army who can do both – infamous champions like Archaon Everchosen or Nagash will probably form a significant chunk of your army’s strength, but by their presence alone they’ll force your opponent to rethink their tactics. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a named hero to fit your needs.
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